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Roof Ventilation Norfolk

Roof Ventilation
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Adequate ventilation is essential in loft spaces to prevent condensation and wet rot. We are specialists in the fitting of ventilation products to domestic premises.

We are currently carrying out loft refurbishment programmes for various local authorities and housing associations which include the fitting of tile ventilators and Passivents.

Tile ventilators provide a natural cross-flow of air in the roof space allowing condensation to evaporate and prevent the build up of mould and/or wet/dry rot.

Passivents provide natural ventilation to bathrooms and kitchens with a loft above them, without the need for electrical wiring and noisy extractor fans. The system is virtually maintenance free and is free from running costs. The unit is terminated externally through a tile ventilator.

Every property is surveyed to ensure the tile ventilators match the existing tiles as closely as possible.

All tile ventilators are installed from outside of the property causing minimum disruption to the occupiers.

Ventilation for fuel burning appliances can also be installed into properties to prevent the build up of carbon monoxide, an invisible, tasteless, highly poisonous gas.

What our customers say:

“I had insulation and vents fitted in both my lofts today as well as cavity wall insulation and I just wanted to thank the two men who carried out the work, they were clean, tidy and polite so thank you for a fantastic job from a great company!”
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